The Graduate Christian Forum is a place for conversation between postgrads and faculty from across the Christian community in Oxford. It’s a place to come together and think about what it means to be a Christian engaged in academic work, about how our faith shapes our disciplinary work and vice versa.

We hold a Monday night speaker series during term, upstairs in The Mitre pub (unless otherwise noted; map here– stairs to the right as you enter). The talk begins at 7.30 PM and typically ends around 9.00 PM. Please join us at 7.00 PM for snacks and conversation.

A list of this term’s talks can be found below and audio recordings of previous talks can be found here. Follow the links below to find pdf versions of our present and previous term cards: Michaelmas 2015Trinity 2015, Hilary 2015Michaelmas 2014Trinity 2014Hilary 2014Michaelmas 2013Trinity 2013Hilary 2013Michaelmas 2012

Talks for Michaelmas 2015:

  • Week 1, 12 Oct: Peter J. Williams, “Is the Old Testament God Immoral?”
  • Week 2, 19 Oct: Bethany Sollereder, “Not a Tame Lion: God’s Good and Violent World”
  • Week 3, 26 Oct: Stephen Tuck,”Christianity and the Ku Klux Klan: Grappling with the Dark Side of Church History”
  • Week 4, 2 Nov: Sir Andrew Dilnot, “Faith and Public Policy”
  • Week 5, 9 Nov: Michael Lamb, “Augustine and the Politics of Hope”
  • Week 6, 16 Nov: Jason Lepojärvi, “Interrogating C. S. Lewis: What Is the Difference Between Worship, Veneration, and Idolatry?”
  • Week 7, 23 Nov: Social at St. Aldates Tavern Upstairs Room
  • Week 8, 30 Nov: Joe Martin, “Oxbridge and the New Jerusalem”

The Oxford Graduate Christian Forum is an officially recognized student society of the University of Oxford.