Usha Reifsnider // Conversion from an Anthropological Perspective: To be British, Gujarati and Christian

Usha is a PhD Candidate based at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Before starting an MA in Practical Theology at the University of Chester, she had been involved in full time mission practice and training for over 25 years. She is an experienced missionary, who has worked across the world, including with migrant peoples throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Early in life Usha converted from Hinduism to Christianity, which has very much grounded her missionary and academic life ever since. Specialising in Anthropology, her focus now is on British Hindus who have converted to Christianity, their sense of identity, and their experiences of culture and religion. She has recently published a ground-breaking study: ‘Transcultural Insights into Christian Conversion of British Gujarati Hindus’ in the journal, ‘Studies in World Christianity: The Edinburgh Review of Theology and Religion’. She is also a part of the Centre for Missionaries from Majority World, a group of scholars from across the world who are interested in engaging with migrants of other faiths.

Dr. Sabina Alkire: On Earth as it is in Heaven: Economic Approaches to Multidimensional Poverty

25 May 2020

Dr Sabina Alkire works on a new approach to measuring poverty and well-being that goes beyond the traditional focus on income and growth. This multidimensional approach to measurement includes social goals, such as health, education, nutrition, standard of living and other valuable aspects of life.

Her expertise includes the measurement of poverty, quality of life, happiness and economics, Millenium Development Goals, inequality, and South India and Latin America.

Dr. Philip Entwistle: “The Dragon and the Lamb: Christianity, Nationalism and Political Engagement in Urban China”

Trinity Term 2015 Week 8 Talk by Dr. Philip Entwistle: “The Dragon and the Lamb: Christianity, Nationalism and Political Engagement in Urban China.”

Download the talk by right-clicking here and choosing ‘save target as’. Sections have been cut from the recording in order to protect the identities of interview respondents.

Corrections from speaker:
Bo Xilai was not jailed for his direct involvement in the murder of a British businessman, but for covering up the murder by firing the police chief who was investigating the case (and on various accounts of bribery and embezzlement).

Xi Jinping was born in 1953, not 1959. With the exception of Li Keqiang, Xi is the youngest member of the Politburo Standing Committee.