Emmett Price III // Ethnomusicology & the Black Church

Emmett G. Price III is one of the nation’s leading experts on Music of the African Diaspora, Christian Worship and the Black Christian Experience. A well-regarded scholar, educator and public theologian, Dr. Price has the unique ability to capture the hearts and minds of the most diverse and versatile audiences with his compassionate sense of humor, his amicable intellect and his quick wit. He is a noted print and broadcast media expert, as well as a widely sought after keynote speaker and preacher.

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Professor John Lennox // Meaning, Mathematics, Matter, and the Mind Behind it All

18 January 2021

John Lennox needs no introduction. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, he went on to gain his Masters and PhD in Mathematics from Cambridge University. He also holds an MA and DPhil from Oxford University (by incorporation) and an MA in Bioethics from the University of Surrey. Currently he is a Professor (emeritus) of Mathematics at Oxford University, an internationally renowned speaker and he has written several books on the interface of philosophy, science and religion. His most recent titles are Have no Fear (2018), on evangelism today, Can Science Explain Everything? (2019), on the relationship between science and Christianity, an the six-part Quest for Reality and Significance series co-written by David Gooding (2018-9). Furthermore, in addition to over seventy published mathematical papers, he is the co-author of two research level texts in algebra in the Oxford Mathematical Monographs series.

Usha Reifsnider // Conversion from an Anthropological Perspective: To be British, Gujarati and Christian

Usha is a PhD Candidate based at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Before starting an MA in Practical Theology at the University of Chester, she had been involved in full time mission practice and training for over 25 years. She is an experienced missionary, who has worked across the world, including with migrant peoples throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Early in life Usha converted from Hinduism to Christianity, which has very much grounded her missionary and academic life ever since. Specialising in Anthropology, her focus now is on British Hindus who have converted to Christianity, their sense of identity, and their experiences of culture and religion. She has recently published a ground-breaking study: ‘Transcultural Insights into Christian Conversion of British Gujarati Hindus’ in the journal, ‘Studies in World Christianity: The Edinburgh Review of Theology and Religion’. She is also a part of the Centre for Missionaries from Majority World, a group of scholars from across the world who are interested in engaging with migrants of other faiths.

Dr. Kosta Milkov // Faith, Culture and Mission in the Balkan States

16 November 2020

Dr. Kosta Milkov is the Director of RZIM Macedonia, and is the Founder and Director of the Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture. He earned an MA in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. From 2005 – 2010 he lived in England, where he earned an MSt and a DPhil in the fields of Early Christian Studies and Patristics at the University of Oxford, for which he received the Langham International Partnership Scholarship.

Kosta has been involved in research work, which includes his participation in the Postdoctoral Research Seminar organised by Langham International Partnership, the Balkan Strategy Report for the Global Scripture Impact of the American Bible Society, as well as writing numerous newspaper and magazine articles for the Macedonian press.

Racheal Mutesi // In Word and Deed: Evangelism and Socio-Economic Empowerment in Kampala, Uganda

26 October 2020

Prior to coming to Oxford to study theology at Wycliffe Hall and to participate in OCCA, the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, in 2014-2015, Racheal completed her Bachelor of Commerce at Makerere University.

Racheal says the most exciting part about her ministry is seeing God at work, and watching how God uses a simple conversation to bring healing. Racheal has participated in numerous missions, including an RZIM mission week in Uganda where the team spoke at nine different universities. She loves to speak on anything that avails the opportunity to preach the gospel. We very much look forward to talking with her about her life, calling, and socio-economic empowerment and evangelism in Kampala, Uganda.

Dr. Elaine Storkey: Philosophical and Theological Sociology

18 May 2020

Dr. Elaine Storkey is a prolific thinker, writer and broadcaster as well as being involved with multiple NGOs and advocacy groups, especially ones pertaining to poverty in the global south. She has written extensively about feminism and sexual violence against women, as well as about climate change, art and technology. Here, she shares about her upbringing and faith-development, about her book, “Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women,” about what difference Christianity makes to feminism and to art, and about being called to a life of witness in whatever contexts we’re in.

Ginny Dunn: Life lessons of a Christian scholar: Things I have learned from working 40 years in cancer and palliative care

Life lessons of a Christian scholar:  Things I have learned from working 40 years in cancer and palliative care – Ginny Dunn

HT Wk 5 12/02/2018

In this reflective talk, retired Nurse and clinical specialist Ginny Dunn will speak to us about experiences of caring for cancer patients, and their families, from diagnosis to death, and grieving. Through her 45 year career, in four different countries, she has helped both cancer patient and their medical staff to confront issues around pain and dying. On Monday evening, having practised in this field and research the topic, she will be sharing her thoughts. Ginny Dunn has written on issues that terminally ill patients confront (i.e. Alongside the Person in Pain: Holistic Care and Nursing Practice, 1994) and moved to Oxford in 1985 with her husband Nigel Biggar.

John Donne Words of Comfort and Confidence

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HT Wk 3 29/01/18

Revd. Kate Seagrave studied linguistics here at Oxford before becoming ordained, leading to her return to work with the postgrads at St Aldates and the Oxford Pastorate. In this research presentation we will get to hear more about an academic hero of hers: Jan Amos Comenius. Was he just an educational theorist or also a noteworthy theologian and hymn writer? Listen to hear more  about the reformation before Luther, various defenestrations and the world first picture book!

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Revd. Dr. Jonathan Brant: “Reflections on the Life and Poetry of First World War Chaplain, GA Studdart Kennedy”

Trinity Term 2015 Week 1 Talk by Revd. Dr. Jonathan Brant: “Reflections on the Life and Poetry of First World War Chaplain, GA Studdart Kennedy.”

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