Dr. Miriam Klein-Flugge: Neuroscience, Decision-making and Mental Health

4 May 2020

Dr. Klein-Flugge is a neuroscientist interested in how the human brain enables us to perform complex decisions. Her PhD focused on the mechanisms by which decision signals reach motor regions to enable implementation of the resulting actions. Dr Klein-Flugge’s current work, as part of her postdoctoral fellowship, continues to build on this, whilst she also seeks to research which aspects of these computations are impaired in disorders, affecting decision-making and potentially resulting in changes to mental health.

Dr. Elaine Storkey: Philosophical and Theological Sociology

18 May 2020

Dr. Elaine Storkey is a prolific thinker, writer and broadcaster as well as being involved with multiple NGOs and advocacy groups, especially ones pertaining to poverty in the global south. She has written extensively about feminism and sexual violence against women, as well as about climate change, art and technology. Here, she shares about her upbringing and faith-development, about her book, “Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women,” about what difference Christianity makes to feminism and to art, and about being called to a life of witness in whatever contexts we’re in.

Dr. Mirjam Schilling – Fear Not, Sneer Not: A Healthy Christian Response to Covid-19

27 April 2020

Dr. Mirjam Schilling is a virologist at the University of Oxford and a Dphil student in theology, in the Science and Religion stream, studying the theological aspects of viruses under Alister McGrath. Here she discusses what viruses are from a scientific viewpoint, as well as how to make sense of them theologically, touching on such questions as the problem of evil. She explicates the resources available to Christians to be able to think about and respond well to the Covid-19 pandemic.