Philip Calcott // God, Mind, and Evolution

Philip studied Physics at Oxford and Sheffield Universities. His PhD was in semiconductor optoelectronics, specifically the luminescence mechanism of porous silicon.  After relocating from England to South Africa, he has focused on public communication on matters of science. This has involved speaking regularly about all things scientific – as his twitter bio says, he is “equally obsessed with astronomy and aardvarks” – on one of South Africa’s prominent radio stations, participating in public debates about matters of science and faith, and, most especially, performing over 1000 public astronomy shows to audiences of vastly different sizes.

Emmett Price III // Ethnomusicology & the Black Church

Emmett G. Price III is one of the nation’s leading experts on Music of the African Diaspora, Christian Worship and the Black Christian Experience. A well-regarded scholar, educator and public theologian, Dr. Price has the unique ability to capture the hearts and minds of the most diverse and versatile audiences with his compassionate sense of humor, his amicable intellect and his quick wit. He is a noted print and broadcast media expert, as well as a widely sought after keynote speaker and preacher.

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